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The Mikado (2015)

The Mikado; or, The Town of Titipu was Gilbert and Sullivan’s biggest hit. In the 130 years since its premiere in 1885, when it ran for an unprecedented 672 performances, it has remained one of the most profitable theatre pieces on the English-speaking stage.

Though Gilbert and Sullivan called The Mikado, "An Entirely Original Japanese Opera," Titipu is no more Japanese than Lilliput or Gilbert’s Utopia. It serves the same purpose: to make fun of England, or, perhaps, of life in general. 

Our production featured complicated fan gestures by both the male and female choruses, in addition to the usual high-quality MADS singing and movement. The show ran January 30 and 31 and February 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2015.

Designed by Wendy Boyd

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