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Patience (2020)

Armstrong as Patience, for example, is incredible. Her voice is crystal clear. And she’s also hilarious, giving a sarcastic, cunning, but equally earnest characterization....  What St. Anne’s Music and Drama Society accomplishes for what I’m guessing is a small budget, those moments of heart is where this opera shines. Patience works, and it’s good.

Mooney on Theatre (Full Review: Patience Review)

What is PATIENCE?  It is a musically delicious satire on both the aesthetic movement, characterized by Oscar Wilde and the painter Whistler, and the overblown conceit and bravado of the British military in the 1880s.  The leading lady, Patience, is a milkmaid with a beautiful voice and an obsession with the strange idea that true love must be sacrificial.  Two aesthetic poets, Bunthorne and Grosvenor, vie for her love, while contending with the overwhelming adoration of the aesthetic maidens of the chorus and the somewhat overpowering Lady Jane.  One of the funniest scenes in all of G&S occurs when the Dragoon

patience v5 Colour- website.jpg

Designed by Wendy Boyd

Photos from Patience (2020) by Jared Zhai

Guards decide that the only way to recapture the formerly devoted hearts of the ladies is to imitate the outlandish poets.  

Patience is Gilbert and Sullivan at the height of their lyrical and satirical powers, and we look forward to seeing you this week at this extremely fun and topsy-turvy production.


Reviews from our patrons:

"We really enjoyed Patience on Friday night. My congratulations to everyone involved." 

"It was one of the very best I've seen St. Annes do- great cast of leads... the chorus was superb not only in voice but in stage movement and characterization. Costuming was impeccable."

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