St Anne's Music and Drama Society


Dear friends of MADS,


What an insane spring this has been! One with many ups and downs. I hope you are all safe and well. The way Covid-19 is affecting everyone has completely upended what we consider to be “normal”. For performers it has been quite devastating. There are no live performances to be had anywhere and we are not able to share our love of music either with you or with each other. I know how thankful we are that we were able to complete our run of Patience before Covid hit, and that we feel the sorrow of our many friends who have been unable to perform at all this spring. There is an emptiness that exists when we cannot make music together but, as Mad Margaret puts it (more or less); we would be quite mad to sing in public at this point.


Earlier on this spring, I was sure that everything would be back to normal by September and that we would be able to start up as usual and put on The Sorcerer in January. Obviously, things are not panning out as I hoped and the news on the singing front is very grim. As one article I read put it: For a safe return, plan for the worst and hope for the best! So that is what we are doing.


Kate, Jennie and I have been working on different possibilities for MADS for this year. The brightest of these is that some miracle happens, and we can perform as usual. This does not look very likely at this point, so we are looking on different scenarios that might fit depending on what progress has been made by September. We will do our best to keep you informed as the summer progresses.


Stay safe. We are missing you!

Laura Schatz

Artistic Director


St. Anne's Music and Drama Society ('MADS') began in 1963 as a project of St. Anne's Church Choir. Since then, it has become Toronto's home for high-quality, inclusive community Gilbert and Sullivan productions. 


MADS presents all shows with full orchestra and period costume, and prides itself on fidelity to the original script and score.

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